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Tesla Model S LED Front Badge With Dynamic

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Apps Version

  •  You can control the brightness of the switch through apps. 

21-23 years long range/plaid please choose 15.5V


• Installed on the front of the vehicle. Replace the original badge.
• There is a dynamic effect at startup
No need to drill holes, directly replace the original standard
• Usually shipped on the next business day. Can be used for international delivery.

If you want to buy the rear badge,
Please click here👉REAR BADGE

  ✅ The product should be installed in the original car logo space on the car.This product is below the original car badge;
  ✅When the vehicle license plate light is turned on, the car badge background light also will be starting to work and the bage of trunk willbe shown in the darkness night. It looks very beautiful and cool!

  ✅Color: Red, Blue, White
  ✅Voltage: 12V
  ✅Wattage: 2W
  ✅Current: 0.1A
  ✅Quantity: 1Pcs

⭐How to Installation?

video Connect to Power Box
video Connect to fog lights

It is recommended that you connect the wire to the fog lamp, you can control the switch if you don’t want it
⭐1. Disassemble the front boot baffle
⭐2. Remove the original car badge and replace it with a new badge
⭐3. The power cord of this product is connected to the license plate lighting power cord.
(The installation process does not need to destroy the original structure and wiring of the vehicle, please rest assured to install)

1. Connect to the 12V USB power supply in the car. (recommended)
2. Connect to the electric box in the engine compartment
3. Connect the car lights to get electricity

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2. Delivery time might vary from where you locate at. Shipping usually take 7-12 days to most address in Europe and the United States.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Richard Hesel
Insufficient light

Not bright enough and uneven light distribution, especially at the bottom of the T. Not a good value.

Rob R
Looks Amazing - chrome plating does peel after some time

The front badge looks amazing, and really turns heads. The installation could use better instructions, although there are some video links now and that helped my second installation.

I suggest purchasing a backup as over time the chrome plating peels off and needs replaced about yearly, and it takes a long time for new ones to show up. I have now purchased 4 of these items over the last couple of years (one is a backup as I didn't do that in the past).

My first purchase was without any remotes or apps to control, I suggest getting a remote or app for controlling the lighting, AND for changing how it lights. I had my second one with something lighting only across the top, making it look more reminiscent of KITT's lighting. Super cool.

These last two I purchased arrive soon, and they will come with an app, so I'm interested to see how that compares to the remote & customization it had.

Need better instructions

Installed the light and it looks great, but installation was a mess. Yes, you need to splice wires of your car. There's one good video online that requires removing the bumper to install this. That's nonsense... They truly need to post good, detailed instructions for installation and maybe they'll even sell more...

Kirk Nadler
Great light

This is a great light, but there are no detraction so you have to rely on YouTube, also shipping is not easy to get info .

Paul Reiche
Poor instructions

Because the instructions are so poorly translated, I haven't felt comfortable installing this yet. If there was a clear video showing the steps, that would be a big improvement. (I saw another review mention 'good video instructions', but I can't find this.)

Tesla owner Subscribe