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LED Lighting Upgrade Kit for Tesla Model 3

Kit Pieces

• Replaces interior lights in your Tesla Model 3 with high-performance LED lights.
• Direct plug-and-play installation. No modifications necessary.
• Bulbs and housings are identical to the factory lights, except considerably brighter.
• Orders include wedge tool to help remove factory light housings.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.



The LED Lighting Upgrade Kit will replace interior lights in your Tesla Model 3 with high-performance LED lights to brighten your interior. They're direct plug-and-play bulbs, no modification needed and can be done as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation. Most Tesla Model 3 owners agree the original bulbs are very dim, but would like to keep the 'factory' look. The bulbs and housings of the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit are identical to the Tesla-fitted bulbs in every regard, except they're much brighter. All orders come with a special "Wedge Tool" to assist with removal of factory light housings.



Please see thumbnail images above for some photos. And, the following photos present "before and after" comparisons between Model 3 factory lighting provided by OEM lighting assemblies (left hand photos) and corresponding EVANNEX LED Lighting Upgrades for the same location (shown on the right). 

Before and After

"I am very happy with the quality or the LED Lights in the 'LED Lighting Upgrade' package.  They are bright and well made." - Luis Villamonte, Lincoln, NB




Why do I need upgraded lighting?

Tesla Model 3 comes standard with relatively dim interior lighting. Many Model 3 owners want more illumination, especially in the trunk area, so that after dark they can easily find stored items. This LED Lighting Upgrade Kit allows a Model 3 owner to have better visibility throughout their vehicle.

Can I special order a configuration of the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit that's not offered on the website (i.e. just the trunk lights)?

No. The only options to configure your LED Lighting Upgrade Kit are in the pull down menu on this page. We do not sell "one-off" LEDs or special orders that are not part of the configuration options offered on our website.

What lights are part of the Complete LED Lighting Upgrade Kit?

The Complete LED Lighting Kit contains nine (9) white, high intensity LED lights. Please see schematic in the "Installation" tab for locations.

What are "puddle lights"?

They're the lights at the bottom of each door that shine downward to illuminate the ground when you open the door at night.

Can I just order the interior lights and not the puddle lights?

Yes. Simply use the pull down menu to select the option you'd like — although most customers purchase the "Complete Set" option.

Can I order just the puddle lights and not the interior lights?

Yes. Simply use the pull down menu to select the option you'd like — although most customers purchase the "Complete Set" option.

Can I order just the glove box light?

Yes. Simply use the pull down menu to select the option you'd like — although most customers purchase the "Complete Set" option.

Is installation difficult?

Installation does require some automotive DIY (do-it-yourself) skills, but generally, the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit can be installed without difficulty by the Tesla Model 3 owner who is relatively handy. Instructions are provided. If you feel uncomfortable with this installation for any reason, we recommend that you engage a professional installer to do the work for you.

How long will it take to install?

That will vary with the installer, but in general, installation shouldn't take more than one hour.

If I prefer to get the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit installed by a professional installer, where can I find a competent professional installer locally?

We recommend you try to find an experienced professional installer that specializes in the installation of automotive aftermarket audio, lighting, and electronics with experience working on Tesla vehicles. 

Is there a fuse upgrade that needs to be done when installing LED Upgrade Kit?


Will the brighter lights provided by the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit drain my battery appreciably?

No. Even though the lights are brighter, the amount of power they require is still quite small. In addition, the lights are on for relatively brief periods of time (when doors and hatches are open), so no appreciable battery drain will occur.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Most orders ship within 24 hours of receipt on business days.

Does the LED Lighting Upgrade Kit ship internationally?

Yes, the LED Upgrade Kit does ship internationally using FedEx International. 




LED Light Location Schematic

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