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'Sentry Mode' Warning Window Clings for Tesla Owners

• Serves as a warning the vehicle has cameras and a sophisticated threat detection system in action.
• Features an eye-catching hazard triangle to grab attention. Each side measures 3" (76mm).
• Adheres onto the vehicle's interior windows to face outwards.
• Designed in white for the best visibility with tinted windows.
• Sold in a set of four (4).
• Made in the USA.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.



Let those approaching your Tesla know that everything around the car is being recorded. If someone is looking to break into your Tesla these window clings will serve as a warning that the vehicle has cameras and a sophisticated threat detection system in action. Designed in an eye-catching 'hazard' triangle to grab attention, the word 'WARNING' in red should act as a deterrent to undesirables.

These 'front-facing' window clings adhere inside the vehicle's windows, facing out to the street. If you have a very heavy tint, we've designed these in white for the best visibility. They are sold in a set of 4. Made in the USA.

Specs: Equilateral Triangle 3" (76mm) on a side.







How do these adhere to the window?

These are not decals or stickers. They are window clings — they simply "cling" to the inside of the window for easy installation and removal anytime. They're a front-facing cling designed specifically to have no glue/residue left behind. 

How do I install these?

The window clings can be easily applied by hand. You can use a hard flat surface (ruler, credit card, etc.) in order to reduce any "air bubbles" when installing the window clings.

What are these window clings made of?

The window clings are made of a highly plasticized vinyl film that does not require an adhesive to adhere to polished or smooth surfaces such as glass. This material is recommended for indoor use only.

Will the window clings come off when the window glass is lowered?

We tested the clings on both the front and rear windows, and they remain in place when the windows are lowered. They will NOT detach.

Are these window clings reusable?


Can the window clings be viewed from both sides?

No, the window clings are only printed on the front side (that faces the window) on a white background in order to ensure high visibility.


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